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Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean
The "Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean" is a novel, non-profit, Organization, aiming to promote Research, Technology, Innovation, Sustainability, Education and Training within and for the Maritime Industry, and to act as a Forum and a Think-tank but also as an Incubator of Business Opportunities; on Maritime Affairs; encouraging and facilitating Dialogue, Networking and Cooperation among the sector's stakeholders in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.


 The Eastern Mediterranean; is a Region with a rich Maritime Heritage at the crossroads of three continents; the cradle of some of the largest ancient civilizations, and the site of some of its most defining moments; many of them taking place at sea. A Region which, despite its different cultures, religions and languages - that have shaped the character of its people and their interrelations - has remained through the centuries United by the Sea.


This geographically and politically diverse Region is now facing new challenges. Challenges that require that the differences of the past are left behind and the people of the area - utilizing their centuries' old wisdom – work together for economic integration, competitiveness and sustainable development in the context of rapid globalization and climate change.
It is therefore imperative that the people of this Region area respond to these challenges and start working together through their common Space. The Sea. With its enormous potential but also with its growing vulnerability, which imposes on all its users new responsibilities and demands a collaborative and integrated approach.

The "Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean" will strive to benefit the whole Region by directing its efforts to address Maritime issues of regional interest through an intra-regional, cross-sectional cooperation and coordination; always based on the Values of Mutuality, Sincerity, and Transparency and engaging, appropriate, regional and international research, academic and governmental institutions, private organizations, NGOs and individuals; everyone who will endorse and share the Institute's aspirations.

In order to accomplish its "Vision", the Institute undertakes initiatives that will strengthen and enhance the cooperation of the Region's states aiming towards the creation of an active - research driven - "Maritime Cluster of the Eastern Mediterranean"; in line with the European Union's "Blue Paper" for an "Integrated Maritime Policy".