Our Profile

The “Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean” is a novel non-profit organization, based in Cyprus, which aims to promote Research, Technology, Innovation, Sustainability and Environmental Protection as well as Education and Training within and for the Maritime Industry, in support of Sustainable Blue Growth. The Institute acts as a Forum and a Think-Tank but also as an Incubator of Business Opportunities on Maritime and Sea Affairs, encouraging and facilitating Dialogue, Networking, Cooperation and Synergies among the sector’s stakeholders in the Eastern Mediterranean Region, including the Black Sea.

The Eastern Mediterranean has been the cradle of some of the largest ancient civilizations. It is a region with considerable cultural, religious and linguistic diversity and with a rich maritime heritage which play a major role in its socioeconomic progress. Due to its geographical position -it is located at the crossroads of three continents which are connected by the sea- the Eastern Mediterranean has been facing multifaceted opportunities and challenges in the context of rapid globalization and climate change. These can be efficiently addressed only through an integrated, collaborative and responsible approach. Enhanced cooperation and coordination between various stakeholders in the region and across sectors including those of the sea -given that the sea has always been the common space between the people of the region-, will give the necessary leverage to sustainable economic development.

The “Maritime Institute of Eastern Mediterranean” aims through its work to benefit this Region by addressing Maritime issues of regional interest through an intra-regional and cross-sectional cooperation and coordination and on the basis of the values of mutuality, sincerity, and transparency. In particular, it undertakes and participates to Research, Technology and Innovation Initiatives and Programs which are relevant to the maritime sector and which foster knowledge and best practices exchange, technology development, transfer and application, infrastructure development as well as cluster development in the maritime sector, with a view to improving the sector’s competitiveness and encouraging its sustainable growth. To this end, the Institute engages regional and international research, academic and governmental institutions, private organizations, businesses, NGOs and individuals; everyone who will endorse and share the Institute’s aspirations.