Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute, is seeking to recruit high caliber individuals for the following positions:

1.      Executive Assistant to the CEO (EA to CEO)

2.      Financial Controller (FC)

3.      Senior Scientist (SS)

4.      Mission Unit Managers (MUMs) – Project Managers

5.      Business Analysts (BAs)

6.      Administration Officers (AOs)

CMMI Identity:

The Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI), is a novel Non-Profit, Research, Innovation, and Technology Development Centre of Excellence being established in Larnaca with funds from the EU’s Teaming program; the Government of Cyprus and Industry stakeholders. The Institute is based in Cyprus, in the Eastern Mediterranean, an island with a strong maritime tradition, and dynamic local industry; on the crossroads of three continents and major maritime routes.

CMMI is a centre for

  • knowledge, research, technology, and product development
  • innovation and entrepreneurship
  • education and training
  • social and cultural transformation
  • start-up businesses

CMMI is planning to develop globally excellent, purpose-built facilities, technological and human infrastructure, to support all blue economy actors without exception. The research and innovation activities of the Centre are aligned with the Smart Specialization Strategy of Cyprus (S3Cy), as well as with European Union and global priorities in blue economy sectors.

CMMI is establishing partnerships, globally, among top academic and research institutions and businesses, to address the needs of businesses, countries, and regions in blue economy activities.

CMMI is planning to carry out research, technological development, and innovation activities in order to provide practical solutions that the marine and maritime industry and society face or will face in the future, within the framework of the five Global Challenges Clusters (GCC):

  • Maritime Trade and Transport
  • Marine Bio-resources
  • Energy and Subsea Resources
  • Climate and the Environment
  • Society and Governance

CMMI, as an independent, international, scientific and business center of excellence in marine and maritime activities, aims to become the partner of choice for all blue economy development activities at the local, regional, European, and global levels.