Indeets Consulting (IC) and the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) signed on January 18th, 2021 a Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU aims at strengthening the already excellent relationship between the organizations and will allow the exchange of ideas, resources and facilities in areas related to marine and maritime digitalization with more dedicated and relevant fields.
During the Memorandum signing ceremony, the Managing Director of Indeets, Antonio Fiorillo, highlighted that “We need strong partnerships if we are to advance digitalization in Cyprus. By building this cooperation together with the CMMI, we are building a solid platform that ultimately will create the conditions to advance the technology further, generating more value for the customers, partners, suppliers and in general for the whole Maritime Industry on the island.”
The CEO of CMMI, Zacharias Siokouros expressed his satisfaction for the signing of the MOU and restated the commitment of CMMI to engage with the industry at all levels. CMMI has a significant role to play with its industrial partners in a new era of twin transformation. “We strongly believe that we can be mutually benefited in green and digital Research and Innovation programmes with tangible outcomes towards our stakeholders”.

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