CMMI MoU Tototheo Maritime and Marine Fields Holdings

The data gathering, analysis and assistance to port Call Optimisation and the precise estimation of Ship’s time of Arrival are forming the scopes of the three-way blend of knowledge that will be manifested by the MoU. In addition, the optimised shipping operations via the use of Artificial Intelligence, the dynamic Artificial Intelligence, the more efficient communications ecosystem for ship- shore communication and the Internet of Maritime are completing the aims of this collaboration.
“This collaboration is in line with our long-term philosophy that the future of shipping is in knowledge sharing and keeping an open mind to new ideas, business models and structures”, said Tototheo Maritime co-CEO, Socrates Theodossiou.
Andreas Chrysostomou, CEO of MarineFields Holdings, concurred and added that: “The complexity and frequency of interactions between the different components of the maritime ecosystem are what make our industry so dynamic. It is essential to capture all these interactions and extract the information required for each activity at the right time and in the right way, in order to increase efficiency and ensure sustainability”.
Zacharias Siokouros, CEO of the CMMI welcomed this trilateral partnership, stating that “the growth of the maritime industry is driven by innovative products, methods and processes. To develop those -in response to the real needs of the industry- the exchange of know-how and the creation of synergies between businesses and research organizations is crucial”.

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