A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed between the University of Cyprus (UCY) and the Cyprus Marine and Maritime Institute (CMMI) on the 7th of December 2021, at a ceremony held at the CMMI premises in Larnaka, with the aim of reciprocal bilateral cooperation in the field of marine and maritime research and technological development and innovation (RTDI).

The Memorandum was signed on behalf of UCY by its Rector, Professor Tasos Christofides and on behalf of the CMMI by Mr. Andreas Vyras, Mayor of Larnaka and Chairman of the Board of Directors and Mr. Zacharias Siokouros, CEO.

Through the exchange of information, ideas, knowledge and good practices, UCY and CMMI will develop research programmes and promote bilateral research cooperation in all fields of science and technology, directly or indirectly related to marine and maritime issues. A key objective is also to facilitate and encourage the participation of researchers in maritime and maritime research. Furthermore, the cooperation aims at informing the wider society in relation to the “blue” possibilities, challenges and opportunities.

During the signing ceremony, the Rector of UCY highlighted the significance of this new synergy. “It is a promising collaboration that will further benefit the existing marine and maritime research conducted at the University of Cyprus. The CMMI, as a Centre of Excellence, provides the Municipality of Larnaka with unique opportunities for growth and development and we are immensely pleased that as an institution we contribute to this ambitious effort for the promotion and development of the city of Larnaka. I am confident for the mutually beneficial outcomes both for the university and the city”, the Rector stated. I would like to emphasize that this MoU officially marks the research representation of the University of Cyprus at Larnaka municipality, as entities of the institution focused on “blue” activities will physically operate in the city of Zenon.

In his statement, the Mayor of Larnaka emphasised that this MoU is only the first step in establishing a strong relationship between the two organisations. He mentioned also, that the future premises and labs of CMMI in Larnaka will be made available to UCY Researchers. This is a significant step towards achieving Larnaka’s strategic goal of becoming a European Centre for Marine & Maritime Research and Innovation.

CMMI’s CEO expressed his excitement for this development, which paves the way for collaboration between the two organisations in areas of common interest. In order to fulfil CMMI’s vision of driving sustainable blue growth, CMMI recognises the importance of engaging and establishing strong relationships with local stakeholders. CMMI has already developed a network of strategic partnerships with local and international organisations and is thrilled that UCY is joining its network of partners. This collaboration will unquestionably lead to significant outcomes in the areas of marine and maritime research and innovation.

For more info visit: https://www.cmmi.blue/