CMMI: Signing of contract for the design of CMMI’s new permanent premises at Mackenzy

On the 8th of November 2021, another major milestone of our project – for the establishment of CMMI as a European Center of Excellence in Marine and Maritime Research, Technology Development and Innovation [RTDI] – has been achieved with the signing of the contract for the design of CMMI’s permanent premises at Mackenzy Beach. The contract was signed by our CEO Zacharias Siokouros and the Managing Director of DMA Architects – Engineers LLC, Mr Demetris Michael in the presence of CMMI’s interim COO Andreas Karakatsanis, Chief Engineer of Larnaka Municipality and the Evaluation Committee that selected the successful bidder.

Our next target is to design state of the art offices and labs for our scientists and the entire blue ecosystem of Cyprus and Europe at an exceptional location between the Mediterranean Sea and the adjacent Salt Lake; and next to the city’s International Airport. Our aim is to develop high quality, reliable, sustainable, and resilient infrastructure with increased resource-use efficiency and adoption of clean and environmentally sound technologies but also to enable access to third parties and the public to CMMI’s cutting-edge R&I facilities.

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