The Technological Educational Institute of Epirus, Lead Partner of ECOPORTIL- Environmental Protection of Areas Surrounding Ports using Innovative Learning Tools for Legislation project is organizing the kick-off meeting to take place in Arta city/Greece, on 19 – 20 December 2017, at the headquarters of the Lead Partner.

The ECOPORTIL Project aims to improve the environmental quality of ports and their surrounding coastal environment by supporting their sustainability, through the implementation of modern methodologies and good practices according to EU and national legislation as well as through innovative tools and methods for the training and capacity building of stakeholders in the ports and nearby coastal zones as a prevention measure of pollution and preservation of natural maritime resources.

All project partners will participate in this meeting in order to launch the management and coordination process, to confirm the objectives and the implementation plan, to define the communication strategy and agree on the composition of the project team.
Please find attached the kick-off meeting agenda.

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