ECOPORTIL – Stakeholders’ Meeting in Chios and Lesvos

In June 2018, a meeting was organized at the Central Port Authority of Chios between the head of the Port Authority Mrs Irene Argyri and Dr Anna Kotrikla on behalf of the University of the Aegean. The aim of the meeting was to inform the port authority for the aims and activities of Ecoportil project, discuss the main environmental problems that the ports are encountering and find the educational and training needs of the port authority personnel in order to prepare a tailor-made educational model to meet their needs. To this end, information material on Ecoportil and a simple questionnaire asking for their preference of the training topics was shared. Two meetings with the same purpose were organized in Lesvos. One meeting took place on September 2018 with the Hellenic Port Authority Fund of the Municipality of Lesvos and the second on October 2018 with the Port Police Bureau for Marine Environment Protection.

From the analysis of the questionnaires on the preferred training topics, it was found that the port authorities of Mytilene would prefer to focus on marine pollution (priority on the use of anti-pollution equipment – protection from oil spills), atmospheric pollution (the port authorities can only detect heavy atmospheric pollution (smoking), whereas the detection of atmospheric pollutants requires equipment and training not available), legislation on environmental protection at ports and Environmental Management Systems at Ports (especially related to Garbage Management). Similarly, the port authorities of Chios preferred training on marine pollution (sources, methods of response), legislation on environmental protection of ports and Environmental Management Systems at Ports. The results of these consultations will be considered to select the areas of training and compile the syllabus of the seminar. Using the basic principles of adult learning, the training seminars are designed by involving the potential learners from the planning stages and incorporating professional experiences that learners bring.

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