Learning from the best: MaRITeC-X launched knowledge transfer workshop in Galway, Ireland

SmartBay Ireland and the Marine Institute, MaRITeC-X partners from Ireland, organized a knowledge transfer workshop in the Marine Institute building, in Galway, Ireland on Thursday 25th and Friday 26th January 2018.

The purpose of the workshop was to enrich the strategic planning of the MaRITec-X project, by showcasing the best practice example of the Marine Institute and SmartBay Ireland’s work in the field of marine research and innovation. It also provided an opportunity for other Irish marine research and innovation external bodies to highlight their work and activities in the Blue Growth Sector in Ireland. The workshop also offered a good opportunity to gather feedback from the project partners about what was demonstrated at the Marine Institute facility and to discuss the next steps of the MaRITeC-X project.

Project partners were taken on a tour of the Marine Institute facilities and the technical warehouse. This tour provided an overview of a number of programmes and projects currently underway in the Marine Institute and also gave the partners an opportunity to view the laboratories, meet some of the staff and to engage in discussions. Some of the programmes covered on the tour included:
• Aquaculture Team
• Fish Health Unit
• Marine Chemistry Programme
• Ocean Energy Programme
• Data Management & the Irish Digital Ocean
• Ocean Modelling Team
• Research Vessel Operations
• Seabed Mapping & INFOMAR Programme

Partners also visited the Marine Institute’s technical warehouse where Dr. Guy Westbrook & Donal Kennedy provided an overview of the layout of the warehouse, the types of equipment stored there and the work that is undertaken by Marine Institute technicians. Programmes covered included:
• Irish Weather Buoy Programme
• Irish National Tide Gauge Network
• Glider Programme
• Argo Float Programme
• Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) Holland I

The project meeting and workshop in Galway Ireland was the first of two knowledge transfer workshops scheduled to take place within the duration of MaRITeC-X and provide valuable insights to the Cypriot partners on how to create a state of the art centre of excellence. The next workshop will be organised by Southampton University and will take place in May 2018

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