MEDNET - A Programme co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund

Project Title: Mediterranean Network for Custom Procedures and Simplification of Clearance in Ports

Project Acronym: MEDNET

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MEDNET aims at simplifying and harmonising maritime and port procedures within the Mediterranean region.

At the end of its lifetime, the project will primarily recommend actions and measures for facilitating maritime freight exchange, speeding up logistic procedures, and reducing logistics costs. Moreover, more efficient operating maritime routes will contribute to increasing modal shift from the currently congested European road network while reducing at the same time adverse environmental impacts and enhancing social and economic cohesion of the European and Mediterranean populations.

The project will develop 20 pilot actions, tested in partner ports and at administrative or customs institutions in participating partner countries, which will enable the identification of opportunities for simplifying and harmonising procedures. In parallel, monitoring and data collection studies feeds information into the database “Observatory of Port Operations in the Mediterranean”, available to partners and all maritime sector stakeholders.

MEDNET, therefore, acts as an information and best practice-sharing platform. As the project progresses, it puts forward an “ideal virtual port” that all players of the sector are encouraged to draw best practices from.