PROteuS Launches National Nodes for Territorial Cooperation

During 2018 the Proteus Project launched a series of “Nodes” in its Member States (Italy, Greece, France, Cyprus, Portugal and Spain). These Nodes at the first stage have the function to serve as a forum of cooperation among stakeholders operating in the Maritime Surveillance sector in all the Pps’ countries, particularly in three focus areas:

1) State of play and needs of the Maritime Safety & Security Sector – The activities of the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre (JRCC)

2) State of play and needs of the Marine Environment Monitoring Sector

3) State of play and needs of the Fisheries Management Sector

The Nodes are expected to provide stakeholders with a series of services:

– A database containing information about Maritime Surveillance technologies.

– A showroom of business opportunities

– A toolkit for business development

– Updated material

– A platform for funding opportunities

– A that will gather enterpreneures and other stakeholders

– Possibilities for international cooperation

In this way, various stakeholders operating in the Maritime Surveillance Sector will have the opportunity to be represented in the Node. Furthermore, participants will have a series of benefits from this cooperation, such as the opportunity to find new market opportunities, to enhance their competences and knowledge of the sector, to access foreign markets and funds and to cooperate at an international level.

The exchange of experiences, know-how and best practices between the members of the national Nodes as well as among the members of the Cluster would contribute to tackle legal and regulatory weaknesses, to facilitate administrative processes and will lead to better decision-making processes as well as to the production and use of innovative technologies.

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