Society & the Sea: MaRITeC-X at the Larnaka International Marathon!

MaRITeC-X was successfully promoted in the 1st Radisson Blu Marathon that took place in Larnaka on the 19th of November. Over 100 local participants –among them officials from the Larnaka Municipality, the Rector of the University of Cyprus, members of  Nautical clubs, representatives of local NGOs and citizens- wearing a particularly creative T-Shirt with the image of Sea Peoples, the logo of MaRITeC-X, and the slogan “Keep calm and watch Larnaka go Blue” participated in the 5 kilometers corporate race, demonstrating their support to this EU- funded project which is expected to play an important role in turning Larnaka into a Regional Blue Economy, Education, Training and Research Center. The team of MaRITeC-X was particularly excited and glad to have participated in this event and renewed its commitment to run again next year with even more participants in order to bring people closer to this ambitious project.


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