The MENTOR project & Other Blue Initiatives in Cyprus, University of Cyprus

Mrs. Alessia Clocchiatti (DG MARE) visited the MENTOR project and a workshop entitled “The MENTOR project & Other Blue Initiatives in Cyprus” was organized at the University of CyprusMrs. Clocchiati delivered the opening talk entitled “Latest developments of the EU maritime skills policy and next steps”. The two invited speakers Dr. Aravella Zachariou (Cyprus Pedagogical Institute) and Dr. Michalis Ierides (CYMEPA) talked about “SeaPeoples Summer School -Ocean Literacy exercise” and “Adopt a ship program”, respectively. Daniel Hayes (UCY) gave a talk on “Offshore Fish Farming” while Angelos Ktoris (MARINEM) and George Nicolaides (UCY) presented the Pelagos and Maestrale projects, respectively. The second part of the Workshop was devoted to the MENTOR project. Georgios Georgiou (UCY), Zacharias Siokouros, Sofia Marangidou, Angelos Ktoris, George Triantaphyllidis (MARINEM), Nikolaos Ventikos (NTUA), and Ilze Atanasova (MCB) presented different aspects of the MENTOR project.

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